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Paying for wars with libraries, and rail rage: pissed off in two parts (warning: contains sweary rants)

I love this rant not least because of the swears!!!!

Hazy Head's Lament

What’s this, another post? That’s right reader I don’t go back to work until Wednesday and I’m bored. I’m also pissed off.

Now lots of things annoy me, from hipsters to bad grammar (oh yes I am the life of any party) but few things make me genuinely angry.

The first thing that makes me genuinely angry is the coalition lie that public spending under the New Labour government is the reason the UK has such a large deficit. This is not true, not even a little bit. EMA, Academies, nurses and teacher pensions did not put this country into the red. The Iraq and Afghanistan wars did.

Now I am not going to make a moralistic stand on whether or not we were right to join America in it’s terrorist hunt in the middle east although I might point out that Iraq is over a 1000 miles from Pakistan…

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